Free Delphi programs

Here you find some free programs written in Delphi. They are all small and simple utilities I deployed to do some specific task during my work (programmer work, of course). Maybe someone among you can find them useful as I do, anyway, you can get all of them for free.

Free Delphi components

Almost all these components have a role in the BDS Replicator project, but I think they can be useful for other developers too as they are for me, so I decided to make them available for free. Hope you enjoy them!

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Hi all!

I love programming.
I started to program in the 1994 and from that moment, I spent all my time and energy trying to improve my skills.
My favorites languages are Delphi, Php, Javascript.
Since 2010 I'm a member of Experts-Exchange

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A component to save program data on a per-project basis using only two lines of code: does it sound interesting? Read more...

TmgWebUpdater upgrade

A new version of TmgWebUpdater is available for download. The component has been improved in efficiency and usability and now it allows more customization options Read more...


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